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Papeterie-Saint-Gilles was founded in 1965 by Archbishop Félix-Antoine Savard, author of the famous novel “Menaud, maître draveur” ( Menaud, River Boss). The establishment is the fruit of a passion he shared at that time with Mr. Mark Donohue and some friends .
When Félix Antoine Savard passed away in 1985, Cyril Simard, who originates from Charlevoix, became the President of the tiny crafts society. From that moment on, he transformed the handcrafted paper mill according to the concepts and principles he had developed in his doctoral thesis.

By 1992, it earned the title of prototype and first ECONOMUSEUM of the current network. Since it's beginnings, this one-of-a-kind workshop in Canada has preserved it's strictly craftsmanship-oriented nature.They make paper there which can be used for personal correspondence, drawing and watercolours ; they also make China etching paper, paper inlayed with local flowers, an so on… All the mill's different types of paper are made of pure cotton fiber, are completely handcrafted and carry Saint-Gilles's authentic watermark.

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« It is with the praiseworthy intention of reviving a traditional French craft in Quebec, it is in the perspective of beautiful works to be created with respect for nature and in honor of the Word, written by the hand of man, that the Saint-Gilles paper mill came to be .»

- Monseigneur Félix-Antoine Savard