A responsible economuseum

Our approach to sustainable development

As an Economuseum, the Papeterie Saint-Gilles adheres to the Charter for Museums and Sustainable Development of the Quebec Museum Society.

The Papeterie draws inspiration from the major cultural principles stated in Agenda 21 and fully endorses the idea that cultural promotion is an important component of community development.

Beyond the scope of its production, the Papeterie Saint-Gilles takes responsibility to educate and interpret, increases awareness in this artform with diverse audiences and plays a role in enriching the cultural environment of the community of Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive and beyond.

The sustainable development initiative of the Papeterie Saint-Gilles rests on five guiding principles:

  1. Quality of life, equity, social solidarity: favoring healthy management
  2. Participation and commitment: train, support and evaluate our personnel, civic implication
  3. Access to knowledge: inform, acquaint and transmit, sharing our savoir-faire, favoring partnerships
  4. Protection of our cultural heritage: enhancement and maintenance of
    our building, universal access
  5. Responsible production and usage: purchase locally, recycle, re-use and reduce
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La Papeterie Saint-Gilles, Paper Economuseum, is a social economy company that manufactures handmade cotton-based paper.

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